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Slabs, Stairs And Fences in Minecraft – Everything You Need To Know

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Slabs, Stairs And Fences in Minecraft – Everything You Need To Know

Slabs, stairs, and fences are familiar things with Minecraft players. However, not all of those people can be confident when asked about them. Read this post and enjoy it.

Slabs, Stairs And Fences in Minecraft

Slabs, Stairs And Fences in Minecraft

Minecraft is an important part of many people’s childhood memories. They play Minecraft, share their feelings with friends, and enjoy the happiness it brings about. However, many of them still very hesitate when asked about everything about Minecraft, such as slabs, stairs and fences.

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If you are one of them, don’t worry, now we tell you. Let’s check them out.


Slabs are half-height blocks in the Minecraft world. They have various different materials including wood, bricks, stone (cobblestone, sandstone), and quartz. Except for the material changing depending on your desire, the recipe is the same.

How Can I Place The Slabs?

Slabs can be placed in many points, in the top or bottom half of a block is the most common.


You also can create an original block by placing a slab on top of another. This works for all the materials, but stone. It will make them look like a double-slab block.

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Stairs are used mainly to help going up and down slopes without jumping. Sometimes, the players create stairs to make slopes, like houses’ roofs.

Almost all stairs’ features are the same as slabs’, such as the materials (wood, stone, and brick) and the similarity among recipes.

Can I Place A Stair Next To Another?

Yes, but you need to know the way to place them. These stairs are called corner stairs.


Fences are made from wood and do not like those two above, the players cannot jump over them due to their height (one and a half block). When you place a fence next to one or some blocks, they will attach to each other.

To make a fence, you need two sticks and four wooden planks. The colour of the planks determines the colour of the fence and all of them need to be made of the same type of wood. With the stick, the wood types are optional.

Final Thoughts

Now you know more about slabs, stairs and fences in Minecraft. This may not include enough information that you need, then if you have any questions, send them to us right now and we will try our best to give you the answer.

Have a nice day and enjoy.

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