Hostile Humans

By: purplekelix
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This mod adds intelligent and hostile Humans with structures to your world, mostly composed of dwellings for them to reside within but there's also a faction with their own structures under an archery banner - intended as the Human equivalent to pillagers.

Images of all structures present in a mod can be found under its "Image" tab.

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About Humans: Tier 1 Humans can often be found living in randomly generated houses; when encountered they spawn with basic armor and weapons such as iron.

Tier 1 Human (C) Human Tier 2
Commonly found under sword banners or homes that possess wealth, Tier 2 Humans tend to spawn with powerful armor and weapons made of iron that may even be magical in some instances.

(C) Tier 2 Humans Roamers
Roamers have an extremely rare chance to appear during the day and are immediately hostile towards all mobs (even other humans) they come into contact with, including other humans.

Roamers may appear as actual players or hunt animals for food; their armor and weapons vary entirely - neither knowing who you're dealing with nor what their agenda might be.

(C) Roamer There's always the chance of encountering an epic battle near by where human groups will engage a pillager group or another Human group! (Battle sizes will differ according to location.)

Manually initiate this event using this command: "/summon hostile_humans:human_group".

Hoomans Vs Pillagers in an Emergency
Advanced AI: Humans are intelligent creatures capable of doing nearly everything a player would be able to, such as running and jumping, performing melee crits, using potions/throwing them out, employing Totems of Undying/Tridents for battle, climbing ladders/opening doors/fence gates etc, healing themselves when necessary and returning home after travelling certain distance. And more!

Humans possess realistic awareness. If not already noticed by someone else, humans will only detect the player by directly looking at them; unlike zombies who will randomly detect someone from behind.

Compatibility: Simply install these mods, and they will work perfectly with Hostile Humans!

CERBON Is A Reminder That Time Will Pass

Dungeon Mobs (Redstone Golems have the possibility to appear alongside pillagers in certain Battle Events).

Famers Delight's Immersive Armors with Physics Mod Compatibility with Travelers Backpack

Updates Pending: Since I can't code myself, I employ one. You can donate here: PayPal Donations or Patreon/PurpleKelix

Add 9 additional structures and address known issues - Done

Add Travelers Backpack Compatibility Done

Add skins + structures to biomes that have few (if any). After that point there will no further addition of structures. Done.

Waystone mod and Farmers delight mod compatibility for structures are complete.

Complex AI Update + Config (this update includes fixes to various issues as well as improvements for Humans), has now been completed and successfully deployed into production.

Compatibility with "More Crafting Tables for Forge", and many bug fixes/polishing is provided (Quark will allow colored bookshelves; therefore you won't be able to add More Crafting Tables without installing Quark mod).

Compatibility with "Epic Knights"

Additional capabilities of Ai and Two Human Bosses + Compatibility with "Enigmatic Legacy", Epic Fight",

Public Source Code + Friendly human you can come across and interact with via different dialogue options before hiring/convincing to join you are both key elements to any project's success.

Upgrade mod to newer versions

Please send any further emails regarding this.

Are You Want Your Idea or Things Such As Below Implemented? Donate! -Some Humans Having Passively Tame Wolves mes -Extremely Rare Robbery Event Where they Try To Rob Our Homes -Corpse compatibility for gameplay/mods for gaming compatibility / additional extant changes (only relevant to DLC content), for example). (Or donate just to help out?) (You could donate just because this helps)! (or donate just because). (You could Donate just Help too...)). ).
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FAQ: (The Mod Coder Accepts Commissions).

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Are there any locate commands available?
For finding structures, the "/locate hostile_humans:" will do just fine.

Yes! A configuration system exists! Feel free to suggest ideas for configuration options if something crucial seems amiss.

Will You Upgrade Past 1.18.2? Check the Update List Will Fabric Be Supported? If this mod becomes too popular, I may port it to fabric if possible but higher versions would take priority so it is unlikely.

Better Combat Compatibility?

As Better Combat Mod uses Player animator for its animations, these can't be attached to mobs; therefore I would need to completely redo all animations to fake compatibility; in which case, making my own custom ones that fit better would probably make more sense given they represent mobs rather than players would probably suffice.

Donate money now so I can make this dream a reality; my current budget does not allow for it without making substantial cuts elsewhere or postponing animating until later).

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