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Get VuhDo release 3.160 now to take advantage of Dragonflight 10.2.5 Seeds of Renewal support!

Start out on the right foot by consulting Icy-Veins' updated guide.

Upload, share and download user created VuhDo profiles, key layouts and bouquets directly through!

Stay tuned with feature requests and bug reports! Please submit VuhDo GitLab issues for any bugs you find or to make feature suggestions.

Additional reading

Checkout Zohar's extensive VuhDo setup walkthrough. For even more reading material, continue here and here (Thanks, Zohar).

What Is VuhDo? VuhDo is a raid monitor similar to CTRaidAssist or Blizzard's built-in raid frames, used primarily to display raid members health via clearly organized bars. VuhDo was intended as an aid for healing classes but can benefit almost every role; Click-Heal spells or actions can even be assigned directly via mouse clicks (Click-Heal).

What VuhDo can do: Incorporating all relevant details about your raid members.

Life, Mana and Other Forms of Power : Debuffs/Defufters for Incoming Heals and Aggro Attacks and Threat HoTs with Charmed Status/PvP Statuses.
Tooltips (for race, class, level and current location) Player Tags (such as Afk/disconnected/Dead statuses)

 Shield Casting :

Your raid members can now heal, decurse, target, assist or focus in just one click! Any usable item or macro can be assigned as mouse clicks; up to 40 mouse click combinations may be assigned for casting on raid members and 16 key combinations can be assigned when mouseovering them for casting purposes.
Automatic Trinket Fire and Instant Casts When Cooldown Ends
Additionally you have the capability of automatically firing trinkets and instant casts whenever the cooldown period expires as well as automatically resurrect and decurse players during combat situations.

Prepare the raid: 
Wage an effective raid: Gain access to main tanks (CTRA/ORA compatible) and select players personally, before assigning roles like raid leader, assistant looter or master looter as required for maximum efficiency in looting and loot recovery operations. And check to ensure everyone involved fits within these categories!

One can easily manage their buffs; Rebuff automatically with appropriate spell and target; Smart buff their raid automatically selecting missing buffs

Special Features: 
WELCOME to Up to Ten Independent Raider Member Panels Completely free arrangement of raid members: you may move any group to any position on any panel; You can sort and view groups according to class, group number role or any combination imaginable (Classes/Numbers/Roles etc), using Drag-n-Drop technology allowing easy group arrangement!
Pets, Vehicles, Main Tanks and private Tanks can all be set up separately using our panel setup wizard, making most common settings effortless to manage with just a few clicks. You can store different skins and arrangements of panels separately as well.

Supported Standards/Compatibility:

CTRA/oRA stands for Tank Refill/Resurrection Monitor; Fonts, Statusbar textures and Masque Clique; all remain fully supported as will bug fixes/new features in VuhDo.

Below we have archived Iza EU-Gilneas' farewell message regarding his groundbreaking addon:

2014-04-25: I (Iza) regret to inform that I will no longer develop or support VuhDo.

As many have noticed, my interest and efforts for maintaining and developing addons for WoW has become negligible in recent months; therefore, my involvement will likely come to an end sometime shortly. So thank you all for such wonderful years in which it served a wonderful community like ours so well! I wish the very best.
Thank you so much for all the countless ideas and suggestions which together have made VuhDo such an enjoyable addon! All my best to you & keep going forward;
Iza Iszar


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