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___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ integration mod (no in-game store).

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Mod Features

 Its In-Game Issue Reporting Players can report issues within-game to admin team who then process it via dashboard; new reports can also be directly submitted into Discord server.

GSA Cluster chat

 runs seamlessly on both Windows and Linux computers, offering quick activation with just one click from within your Dashboard - no plugins or complex setup necessary!

Mute Players

Muteing individual players may serve as a soft punishment and works similar to banning (permanent or temporary).

Enhance notifications

Replace in-game yellow admin alerts with visually appealing alerts that automatically fade after a specified amount of time have elapsed.

Twitch Sub & RP Whitelist

 Prevent random players from joining your servers using this whitelist feature. Twitch streamers can automatically grant access to their subs while RolePlay communities may utilize web forms where players apply with backstories before being reviewed by an internal review team and accepted into servers.

See What Others have Said about us for further discussion of this matter.

Radial Menu Controls

. - Use this menu to quickly access features:

Hold R on PC, Xbox and PS. For this post iteration it has to be #. For Xbox, hold X as shown while PS needs # and vice versa

Compatible with All Game Servers GSA Integration Mod is fully compatible with both Nitrado and self-hosted ARK servers, for seamless operation and seamless game play experience.

Your server must connect with GSA in order to get an API key.

Learn the steps required to set up the mod: Connect Your Game Server Guide >.

+=+1 For every time someone uses +="=", the last letter should be removed to give way for proper results.

GSA Discord

Join our Discord server and share your feedback.

This MOD IS PROVIDED AT NO COST and does not obligate users to make payments in order to utilize all its features. However, some features require an active API connection with GSA's backend; thus authenticating with it requires an API Key; these keys can be obtained free of charge by signing up and connecting your server(s).

About Project

Created: February 12th 2024

Updated: February 12th 2024

Project ID: 63399

License: All Rights Reserved


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