Farmstead Plus

By: Moon_Slime
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~~~The Colors, so beautiful~~~


Farmstead Plus is designed to be an overhaul of the Color of madness DLC. It's main focus is to add onto the DLC, while trying to keep the base feel and flow of the DLC there. All feedback is welcomed. To access the content of this mod, you need to complete the first farmstead mission. This mod also includes 2 secret champion bosses.



Due to the nature of this mod, it works best on a fresh save. If you are installing on an old save, make sure you are in a quest from the ruins, cove, weald, or warrens. Then turn on this mod. If you wish to uninstall, again make sure you are in a mission in the weald, warrens, ruins, or cove.


What is in this mod currently

  • This mod adds in Explore, Slay, Activate, and Gather quests to the Farmstead. You need to complete the first farmstead mission for these to unlock and generate
  • This dungeon has two regular style boss quests: Featuring the Miller and the Rotten Prize. Both with boss trophies.
  • This dungeon has two Darkest level only bosses. Mainly just for the satisfation of beating them.
  • Eleven new monsters to help populate the farmstead.
  • This dungeon aims to have a unique feel: As such the dungeon is 'larger'; on average than regular dungeons of the same length, however there are no hallway battles.
  • The mod has 8 new curios and re-uses curios endless in new ways. Do not expect curios from endless mode to act the same as in the regular dungeon version.
  • This mod changes the farmstead enemies (who mostly use horror already) to all use horror effects. Bring Laudunum! Also suggestions: Seraph or Lamia mods can help you out here.
  • To also help out with the above changes with more horror enemies, there are now more horror resistant trinkets.
  • An easier time to get shards, since you are no longer forced to do endless.
  • An expanded shard shop with many new trinkets, since shards are now easier to come by. Great for those who have a lot of modded heroes


This mod is balanced to be slightly harder than vanilla dungeons.



Farmstead Plus is currently translated for...

  • Simple Chinese
  • Korean A
  • Korean B
  • English


Known Issues

  • Despite setting it to zero, there is a base game bug that still causes hallway battles to show up when backtracking rarely.
  • Due to how limited our modding tools are for adding music, it would conflict with sunward isles if we put in music in the hallways. Hallway battles will be silent, unless you have sunward isles installed. Then it will play the sunward isles battle music.
  • A crash some times during the Rotten prize fights. Rarely, but does happen.


Lead Devs: Moon Slime, Koala, Shay

Programming: Moon Slime

Sound: Shay, Dismas

Art: Dragonith, Jenns, Sketch, Koala, Moon Slime, Selafio_Carcayu, Dismas, Comrade, Gemstar

Anmation: Slightly Seal, Koala, 54NBB

Writing: G97, Koala, Shay

Localization: 54NBB (SChinese), ShallowIris (korean A/B)

Play Testing and Special thanks: Chape, Batted, G97, Chasse, JacktheRipper, [Void]Soul, SB312, Dalvest, Vinny, Orimurax, Very Whale, IronFist, Deadlist And a big thank you to all those who donated to help make this a reality
Super Special thanks to Ori, Chape, and Batted. While you guys might not be coders/artists/animators. your input from testing is invaluable, as is the screenshots you provide. form the bottom of my heart, thank you three so very much.


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This mod is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.

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