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This addon is aiming at replacing the standard main and minimap. Due to API restrictions it is not a 100% match. However it compensates with additional functionality.

After you installed this addon you'll find a new window on the screen. You can drag this to whatever position you like. It shows the map of your current zone.

In difference to the standard map this addon does not differentiate between main map and minimap. There's ony one which can be maximized and always shows all information available.

It will show all information available.Some icons show as ?. These are not yet recognized map entries. I'll plan to add a lot more information and hopefully eventually these can be replaces by proper symbols (They are not that often though)

Now why would you want to use this map instead of the normal ingame map?

Very simple! nkCartographer adds so much more information to your map:

  • The addon scan for quests you have not yet completed and shows them on the map! (See commments below for more info)
  • You can add (permanent) custom points of interest on the map
  • It will synchronize enemy positions in raid / group setup and show them on the map
  • If you have RareDar or Raretracker installed it will show the locations of rare mobs on your map!
  • The addon will track the locations where you gathered ore, wood, plants and artifacts and can show previously loot locations on the map
  • locations of puzzles and cairns are shown on the map
  • You can size and zoom the the window just like you want
  • There are some different borders avaialble to make the map more stylish

Custom points of interest

You can add as many custom points of interest as you like. Simply use the command line for htis:

/nkcg add x y title

This command adds a custom points of interest to the current map. This information is stored permanently.

To clear all custom points of interests from the current map, simply use the command /nkcg clear

Quest information

The Rift API is extremely limited in many ways. It does not report quest givers and informaation in any way. nkCartographer uses a huge internal quest database and tries to compute missing quests as good as it's possible.

Quests which you have not yet completed and which's quest giver location is known will be shown as a gray quest icon on the map. In addition the addon scans for quest npc around you and will show any quest giver it identified a not yet completed quest for. This unfortunately will result in some false positives as some quests are not yet available until a certain char level or are part of a chain.

At the moment I'm in the process of manually getting the locations of more than 8'500 quest npc. As more and more of these npc locations are recorded, more and more known (and uncompleted) quests will show up in the world.

Working with the map

You can zoom in and out (using mousewheel or buttons) and drag the map to scroll it.

You can also switch to a large version using the appropiate button. You can toggle between small and large version using the command /nkCG toggle. Put that into a macro, then place that macro on your action bar and bind the 'M' key to that action button and voila you can switch between the top map sizes using the standard map key.

Setting waypoints works just like normal through the right mouse click.

Move with the mouse to the lower right corner (either normal or maximized) and you can resize the window (drag and drop).

The addon will remember position, size and zoom level both in standard and maximized size individually.

This addon does NOT work in French and Russian client.

I need help on the text pattern to recognize the map entries as I don't speak both languages.

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