Disciples of The Void, Volume I

By: ItsDarkwolf6
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I'd turn them ALL on to be safe but you do you.


Welcome to my addon: Disciples of The Void: Volume I, an addon dedicated to adding more bosses, items, and weapons to spice up your playthough a little bit. This addon is split into three parts. Two of which have a set of bosses tougher than the last, and the last one has a pretty tough final boss. 

What’s that? You want MORE?? Lucky for you, there is in fact a SECOND volume to this addon which can be found here:

Disciples of The Void: Volume II


Quick Notes:

  • These are the three ”chapters” of this addon. Each part beyond chapter one is assuming you have completed the objectives of the previous one.
  • It is recommended to play on NORMAL difficulty to get the full experience.


Chapter I: The Heretics


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There is a LOT to do in this addon, but let’s go through the basics first. First, you will need to craft an item called "Manifest paper". This item will allow you to craft the manifests that will summon each boss. It can be crafted with four end crystals, four pieces of paper, and an eye of ender.


Manifests are used to summon different entities from this addon. Each one is crafted a little different from each other, but the basics are the same. Once you have crafted a manifest, you are ready to fight a boss. The bosses of part one are listed below.


In part one of this addon, you fight Heretics, Beings that claim to have the same power as the legends that are the disciples themselves.

In order to use manifests, place them on the ground (Except for one, but that's later)


Brawneus, Heretic of Rot

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Brawneus is a rotting combination of a Piglin brute and a zombie pigman. unlike Brawlatar, he is unable to hold back the decay of his body over time across the updates of minecraft. He is now no more than just a sad husk roaming the overworld.


  • Health - 400 (200 Hearts)
  • Attack - 16 (8 Hearts)


Brawneus is the brute of the group. When he is hurt by a player, he has a 0.025% chance of enraging. He will then roar, Boosting his damage and making him invincible for 10 seconds while charging you.



  • He is summoned by the Manifest of Brawl.
  • Drops the "Brawler" Sword.
  • Drops Brawneus Teeth.
  • Drops Void Crystal Shards.



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Brawneus drops the “Brawler”, a heavy wooden spikey club that can wallop some serious damage. When used, you enter "Blind Rage', where you gain Resistance, Strength, and Speed for 10 seconds.


Limbosis, Heretic of End.

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Limbosis is a rouge enderman who forged his own diamond armor out of scraps from end cities. He is known to be extra hostile towards his own kind and players. He takes inspiration from the legend known as "Eribus".


Health - 400 (200 Hearts)
Attack - 16 (8 Hearts)
Limbosis is basically a more powerful enderman. he favors attacking the physically attacking the player normally than teleporting. Does he teleport at all? Well...

When hit by a player, he has a 77% Chance of enraging, when he enraged he spawns clones of himself to attack you and quickly teleports around the area. He calms down shortly after.



  • Limbosis is spawned by the Manifest of The End
  • Drops The "Endbreaker" sword
  • Drops "Limbosis Armor Fragments"
  • Drops Void Crystal Fragments.


The Endbreaker


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He drops ”The Endbreaker”, a special heavy weight diamond greatsword blessed with the power of endermen. When used, the player will teleport like a vanilla enderman.



Alatarah, Heretic of Magik


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This is Alatarah, an evoker who has gone even further off the board of insanity. Instead of delving into magic like normal evokers do, he has found command locks and chose to alter his appearance and attack patterns.


Health - 600 (300 Hearts)

Alatarah is like a normal evoker, except he has a bigger spell list. Which are listed below along with what color they are when he casts them:


  • Spawns two rows of Evocation Fangs (Light Purple)
  • Spawns two more RINGS of Evocation Fangs (Light Purple)
  • Can summon Bats that explode after a short amount of time. (Maroon)
  • Summons vindicators around him and the player (Dark Green)


At half health, the sword he carries on his back will pop off attacking you. It cannot be damaged and will only disappear when you kill Alatarah.



  • He is summoned by the “Manifest of Magic”.
  • Drops the "Majar" Blade
  • Drops a "Command Block Fragment"
  • Drops Void Crystal Fragments



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He drops an item called “Majar“, a magic katana filled with the deepest of evils. When used, it will summon a version of itself and fight monsters around the player. The sword will despawn after 20 seconds.


Osseous, Heretic of Blood

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Osseous is a Evolved, mutated version of traditional wither skeletons. his normal bones have been covered in a crimson glaze while also growing horns on his head. He is also known to be able to infect normal skeletons.

Health - 400 (200 Hearts)
Damage - 16 (8 Hearts)

Osseous is a wither skeleton that has been mutated. He acts like a normal wither skeleton, attacking the player and inflicting wither. 
When damaged by a player, he has a 6% chance of roaring and calling for backup by summoning three Blood Skeletons.



  • He is summoned by the “Manifest of Death”
  • Drops the "Ossin" blade
  • Drops "Osseous Bone"
  • Drops Void Fragments



<figure class="image"></figure>

On death, he drops the “Osseon”, a rage filled chainsaw that is often used as a normal sword. When used, three blood skeletons will be summoned to assist the player.


End of Chapter I


Chapter II: The Disciples

This is the second “chapter“ of this addon. 

  • It is assumed at this point that you have defeated the first set of disciples.
  • Enchanted Netherite Armor is recommended for at LEAST the first half of this chapter

<figure class="image"></figure> <figure class="image"></figure>


In this chapter, You face off against the legends known as The Disciples, mutated everyday overworld beasts blessed by an ancient entity with unknown origins. (as of now, at least)

When you have defeated a Hertic, you may have noticed an item called a "Void Crystal Fragment". Four can be combines into Void Crystals then can be used to craft this merchant's manifest. He is required to progress in the addon.


  • This manifest can be used infinite times
  • The merchant's trades reset every spawn
  • Instead of placing it on the ground like the others, just use it and he will spawn.


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Meet Inanis, A being dating back to the Disciple's prime lifetime. for some odd reason, he seems eager to share the manifests that these beasts are stored away in, as long as you're willing to take out the fakers that claim to inherit the greatness that these beasts once carried.

Inanis will offer quite a bit of trades to you. Let's break them down.


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In exchange for the extra parts the heretics drop, he will give you "Battle Coins". A currency used in the civilization he was a part of a long time ago. these items can be used to buy even more manifests, and another new item...


Cold Ones

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I'm gonna be completely clear, these upcoming bosses hit HARD. So it's good to have a layer of protection. Introducing: "Void Brew".

Void brew is a drink utilized by the old civilization to evenly match the Disciples' power. but is now used by the disciples themselves (mainly Alatar's Crew) to stay on top. restore the balance.

When used, you will be given a good mix of buffs, so good that you will last well while fighting these next set of bosses.


Manifests, part II


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Oh yeah! Manifests! Inanis will sell four additional manifests to challange you. You have killed the fakers, so now you can have the honor of challenging the original four beings. SPEAKING OF WHICH! It's time to introduce them. Ladies and gentlemeennnnn, THE DISCIPLES OF THE VOIIIIIDDDDD!


Deathblade, Skeleton of Crystalization

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Deathblade, a mutated, bloody, crystalized wither skeleton is the most powerful of the second set of disciples. He was originally a wither skeleton heavily enhanced by command blocks. Once his creator discovered the ability to create his own, sentient mobs, he gladly created Deathblade along with his brothers.


  • Attack: 12 Damage (6 Hearts)
  • Inflicts Wither
  • 1200 Health (600 hearts)
  • Has a chance of bursting into a spin attack, causing 30 damage per tick


When engaged, he will attack you like any other wither skeleton. But don’t let that fool you, he is a VERY dangerous mob. He will easily do a ton of damage against you and inflict you with wither.

When killed, He will drop tier two Battle Coins


Alatar, Evoker of Envy

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Alatar is the dark magic wielding side of the original bunch. In the old days, he was just an evoker with a speed, resistance, and regeneration buff with strength induced vexes. But when his creator gave him his

own body seperate from his kind, he left his past behind and flipped the concept of evoker spells on it's head.


  • 12 Attack Damage (6 Hearts)
  • 1600 Health (600 Hearts)


Unlike normal evokers, he’s not afraid of players and faces them head on. He acts like a normal evoker, but he has more advanced, less organized, and irrational attacks, and even sometimes rushed the player to attack them. he uses different runes to attack his foes:

<figure class="image"></figure>


When killed, He will drop tier two Battle Coins


Brawlatar, Disciple of Dissension

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Brawlatar was without a doubt the most ready to fight monster of all time. he literally had an arena all to himself to brawl with others. Him and his creator fought all the time for fun. (he would always win btw)

  • 1200 Health (600 Hearts)
  • 12 Attack Damage


When attacked, Brawlatar has a chance to spawn a pool of dust on the floor which will give you a mix of bad effects. do NOT touch it. When at half health, he will do this more frequently.

When killed, He will drop tier two Battle Coins

Eribus, Disciple of Culmination.

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Eribus was like the others, a mutated mob. except he was kept in a Dungeon filled with puzzles and traps to confuse the player. then was there to finally take out the player at the end. it was confusing, pointless, and relentless. And he liked it


  • 1200 Health.
  • 12 Attack Damage.


When angry, he will attack the player like a normal enderman, But faster and hits harder. not only that, but he teleports around VERY frequently.

When killed, He will drop tier two Battle Coins


Alatine Armor

<figure class="image"></figure> <figure class="image"></figure>


Now, you may be asking: "Dark, why are you spamming in every single mob descrition that they drop tier two battle coins?". well, my answer to that is:


  • its what they drop duh
  • They are used to buy some more... Long lasting wears

Like the look of the Alatines? Well I got good news, you can BECOME one!


With this armor, you become infused with the powers of alatines and their culture. This armor set gives REALLY good defense and can take quite a beating! It is recommended to use against anything above Chapter I so that you don't shred your main set of armor.




When the entire set of armor is put on, you will gain the effects of a Void Brew PERMANENTLY! (Well, unless you take the armor off)

This is the end of Chapter II


Chapter III: The First Creator

This next part of the addon assumes you have defeated the first two sets of disciples.


The Final Manifest.

<figure class="image"></figure>


Oh, how'd that get there? Seems like Inanis truly is an archivist. It seems that he has a manifest that belongs to the very first ever creator of the disciples. Well. should we... see what happens if we use it?


be careful though, this could be a tough fight.


Extorris-Poeta, The First Creator

<figure class="image"></figure>


Extorris-Poeta is (at least what is left of) the creator of the original disciples. he resembles an enderman in a suit skin from the Xbox 360 version of minecraft with chains wrapped around him. It seems that the player behind the skin has left, leaving him to rot in this mutated form, and he is NOT happy about it.


  • 2500 Health
  • 25 Damage (Melee Mode)
  • 25 Damage (Ranged Mode)
  • 25 Damage Per Tick (Spin Attack)


This mob... is different. He has a Melee attack, a Ranged attack, And a Magic Attack.


  • For his melee state, he will teleport around his enemy, constantly striking.
  • In his ranged state, he will constantly teleport shooting kunai at his target.
  • In his Magic state, he has adapted more runes. Along with a whole new mob.


<figure class="image"></figure>


Godslayer Alatar

<figure class="image"></figure> <figure class="image"></figure>


In his summon mode, he has a chance to summon "Godslayer Alatar", the last recorded instance of alatar before he went missing. When summoned, he will cast a spell giving Poeta a resistance buff. The buff is so strong that he will no longer take damage until he is killed.


  • Drops 10 - 20 Tier II Battle coins
  • Drops The Hiruto Blade



<figure class="image"></figure>


+17 Attack Damage


When the puppet is killed, you get the "Hirudo" blade. this sword has three abilities.

  • when a disciple is struck with this sword, they are incapacitated for the rest of their existence. (Only in this volume.)
  • If you crouch and then USE the sword, lightning shoots off around you.
  • When ANY mob is struck with this sword, you are given a MASSIVE regeneration buff.


After this boss is killed, you have beat Disciples of The Void: Volume I.


Finale: Final Weapons + Final Details

This update has assumed that you have done EVERYTHING this addon has to offer up to now. Because if you didn’t, this information would be useless.


<figure class="image"></figure>


You might of noticed, but if you haven’t I will tell you anyway. When a disciple is killed, they each have a 10% chance of dropping their head. These are purely for decoration.



<figure class="image"></figure>


The “Zenith” of Disciples of The Void: Volume I “Yin”, the good side of “Yin and Yang”. This sword focuses on wiping in impurities around you.

This sword can be crafted with every single sword you have collected on the way at a crafting table with four chaos crystals.




When an enemy is hit with this sword, they are given wither and weakness, the user gains regeneration and resistance.


USE ABILITY: Escaton Judgement


When used, all enemy’s around you are obiterated. This attack shreds armor. Use responsibly.

“Yang” will be added with Bonus content in Disciples of The Void: Volume II.


This is the end of Chapter III, and this addon. Enjoy!



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