FACTORY 100 PLUS 1.20.12 V.9

By: sky_fare
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Version 9 file is now approved >>> DOWNLOAD VERSION 9


updated on 02/08/2023

Apologies for the delay caused by the recent Minecraft update, which resulted in broken mods again. However,

we are pleased to announce the release of Version 1.20.12+++, packed with exciting new features and optimizations.


Notable changes in this update:


  • Lag reduction achieved by removing 3D wings and Java UI.
  • Introducing the NEW ME SYSTEM, allowing you to store infinite items and much more.
  • Expanded compatibility to include Windows 10/Xbox and mobile platforms.
  • The modpack size has been significantly reduced from 600mb to 120mb.
  • Thoroughly optimized modpack, with additional islands for enhanced gameplay.
  • Unnecessary mods have been removed for a streamlined experience.


Mod-related suggestions are highly welcomed, and we assure you of our prompt attention to them.



  • When you open the mcworld file, Minecraft will automatically launch. During this process, please ensure that you remain on the "importing" screen and refrain from switching to other apps or browsers. Kindly wait patiently until the import is complete and it displays "successfully imported." Avoid closing the screen prematurely to ensure a successful import.
  • If you encounter issues with hammers or certain items, ensure that your game language is set to ENGLISH [US].
  • During the world import process, exercise patience and wait until it displays "successfully imported world." The modpack is sizable for Bedrock Edition, so a little patience will ensure a smooth experience. ENJOY!


Kindly report any bugs below, and we appreciate your support. A donation link has been included for those willing to contribute. Have a fantastic day!


Attached below are screenshots of a few addons, but please note that there are many more addons

than what is shown. If you experience lag, we recommend disabling unnecessary video settings.

Thank you for being part of our community.

some 3d mods,,, there are more for you to find

main starter island, future version will have many guide books plus many islands, future version will allow players to obtain items, that they normally cant in survival,,,


Few screen shot, of some items, taken in creative mode



starter chest


Discovering Creators and Addons:


  • All creators can be found by looking through the behavior and resource packs from the world individually. Instead of combining all addons into one, this approach makes it easier to identify each creator of the addon, and players can access additional information about each addon more conveniently.
  • Keep in mind that some recipes might be hidden, as some mods employ this feature. I recommend exploring the creators' pages to find recipe details.


Have Fun with 100+ Mods!

Installation Instructions:

Find installation guides for every platform, including videos that may or may not be



  • XBOX ONE Installation Tutorial: Watch Here
  • IPHONE Installation Tutorial: Watch Here
  • ANDROID Installation Tutorial: Watch Here
  • WINDOWS Installation Tutorial: Watch Here


Enjoy the extensive collection of addons and have a fantastic

gaming experience! If you need any further assistance or information, feel free to reach out.

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Updated: September 11th 2023

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