Town Of Impostors

By: AJMiix
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Town Of Impostors

Among Us Mod that adds new Roles, Modifiers & Abilities to enhance gameplay.

More Roles, Modifiers & Abilities to be added.

Customise and Play the games how you want.


New Roles:

Crewmate Team

  • Sheriff - Can shoot and kill Impostors, but can also die as a punishment from trying to kill Crewmates
  • Doctor - Can revive dead bodies, both Crewmates and Impostors
  • Agent - Has the ability to access map intel from anywhere (cameras, admin map, door logs, vitals). Use that information to find out what's happening around the map
  • Detective - Has the ability to see footprints and get more information from reporting bodies (Gets a private body report). Use this information to track down the Impostors
  • Plumber - Can use vents to travel. Be careful not be to be mistaken as the Impostor
  • Informant - Complete all tasks to get informed of roles. Be careful of the Impostors being notified about you
  • Trickster - Create Decoys to trick the Impostors. Swap positions with your decoys to avoid danger and cover more ground.
  • Operative - Place down gadgets to track other players. Use this information to find out who's telling the truth and who's lying.
  • Mayor - Use your votes to influence the results of a meeting. But try not to reveal yourself too early.


Neutral Team

  • Jester - No tasks (has fake tasks). Get ejected to win. Use abilities to generate sus. Don't get killed by the Impostor
  • Arsonist - No tasks (has fake tasks). Douse everyone then ignite to win


New Impostor Abilities:

  • Drag & Drop Bodies - The Impostor may now drag & drop bodies to reposition them, bodies may also be dragged through vents
  • Dispose Body - The Impostor can dispose a body they are dragging, if they are close to or inside a vent. A bloodstain is left behind to give crewmates a clue
  • Disguise/Sample DNA - The Impostor can disguise as another player, by first sampling their DNA
  • Decoy - The Impostor can drop a decoy, much like the Trickster, and can drop decoys of other players by first disguising as them
  • Swap - The Impostor can swap positions with their decoy
  • Blind Trap - The Impostor can leave blind traps that will blind players that walk on it
  • Poison - The Impostor can poison a player, they will die after a set duration


Separate Impostor Roles

If separate Impostor Roles option is enabled, this will include:

  • Dragger - has the drag & dispose body abilities
  • Morphling - has the disguise ability
  • Deceiver - has the decoy & swap abilities
  • Viper - has the blind trap & poison abilities
  • Hitman - Dragger + Morphling Combined
  • Joker - Morphling + Deceiver Combined
  • Assassin - Dragger + Viper Combined
  • Predator - All Impostor Roles Combined
  • Sniper - Unique Impostor Role that can kill players in meetings with correct guesses, and also has a long range kill ability



New Modifiers:

  • Lovers - Randomly picks two players as Lovers, their goal is to stay alive together to the end to achieve the "Lovers Win"
  • Giant - Larger Model, Bigger Vision, Slower Movement Speed
  • Tiny - Smaller Model, Smaller Vision, Faster Movement Speed
  • Nightowl - See better when lights are out, See worse when lights are on


New Gamemodes:

  • Map Randomise Mode - Randomly selects a map when the match is started
  • Game Continues With Arsonist - Game will continue as long as Arsonist is alive
  • All Crewmates Must Die Mode - Game will continue as long as a Crewmate is alive


From 1.6.0 onwards, you can now use keys 1, 2, 3, 4, Z, X to activate abilities.

Also Comes With Custom Hats & Streamer Mode & Custom Colours. See GitHub For More Details.




  • Make a copy of your Among Us folder and rename it (e.g. rename it to "Among Us - Town Of Impostors")
  • Extract all the contents of the .zip file into this new folder
  • Launch the game via the Among Us.exe
  • Please note that first time launching the game with this mod may take a while


Please DO NOT play this mod on public lobbies. Only play in private organised lobbies where everyone has the mod.


Please note that if installation instructions are not followed exactly, or is used in a Mod Manager or used with other mods, this mod may not work as intended.


Please also note that updating from version to version can bug the settings. From 1.5.0 onwards, there's a new reset settings button the host can make use of to reset custom settings to default values to hopefully fix any settings bugs. 


From 1.6.0 onwards, this mod should be compatible with Mod Manager by MatuxGG. Though the mod is still not guaranteed to work as intended when installed using the Mod Manager.


Verifying installation success

  • Launch the game via Among Us.exe
  • In the top-left corner, below Among Us version, you should see Town Of Impostors vX.X.X Mod by AJMix


Version Mismatch Checker:

  • Starting from v1.8.1 onwards, there is now a version mismatch checker that'll make sure that all users in the lobby are using the same game version. If a red message appears on the top right stating "Warning: Player Version Mismatch", then there's a potential that someone in the lobby is not using the correct version.
  • Sometimes this warning message can appear when something strange occurs, even if all users in the lobby are using the same version. If you're 100% sure all users in the lobby are using the same mod version, simply have players rejoin the lobby.




Can you play Proximity Chat (Crewlink) with it?

Yes, Crewlink supports Among Us Modifications


Can you get banned for playing on public servers?

At the current state of the game there is no perma ban system for the game. The mod is designed in a way, that it does not send prohibited server requests. You are also able to join your own custom server to be safe (Impostor).


How can I join a custom server?

Functionality for this has been removed from v1.6.0 onwards. Please look into utilising Unify for this


Do my friends need to install the mod to play it together?

Yes. Every player in the lobby must have the mod installed. Please don't use and play mods in unorganised public lobbies.


Can this mod work with other mods?

I cannot guarantee that this mod will work with other mods. There will likely be conflicts. You will have to test yourself.

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