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Mobs in Minecraft 2 – Give you experience points and items

Minecraft Guide

Mobs in Minecraft 2 – Give you experience points and items

Are you curious about where mobs come from in Minecraft? Or how to guard your property against monsters? Check out the article “Mobs in Minecraft” of ours!

Mobs in Minecraft

Mobs in Minecraft


Understanding mobs in Minecraft will help you be able to play games effectively and create impressive works. So, if you are a newbie, or even experienced player and wish to get satisfying feeling in-game, don’t miss out on our post today. In this article, we will share where mods come from in the game.

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Just keep reading this article, and we certainly will not make you disappointed!


Mobs are living entities in-game, including animals, villagers, and hostile creatures. Some friendly beings, such as cows, pigs, and chickens, can be hunted to eat and make materials. On the contrary, some hostile living things like spiders, skeletons, and zombies are born at night or in dark places.

Basically, Mobs in Minecraft can be divided into three main categories, including Passive, Neutral, and Hostile mobs. Several mobs can adjust their behavior in response to specific circumstances. Mobs usually give you experience points and items when killed.

Where do mods come from?

Random Spawning

Some hostile mobs, namely Creepers, Skeletons, Endermen, Zombies, and Spiders often spawn randomly in dark locations. They also happen in some ideal surface with no water, no glass, or certain other blocks.

Mob Spawners

However, passive mobs just spawn in well light-level and on the grass.

Mob Spawners

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Besides randomly-spawned mobs, some specific locations you come may include blocks, also known as mob spawners. On average, every 25 seconds, these blocks spawn special monsters, when you play near them within 16 blocks. You can remove the spawner by using a pickaxe.

Protect your property from monsters

Here is useful a tip for players. Make sure your place is equipped with well-lit conditions so mobs cannot spawn. You should have 8 or over blocks from a torch.  In addition, cover your floor with various blocks, such as stones, cobblestones slabs, wooden to prevent spawning.

Alternatively, you can also utilize physical barriers. Most of the mobs are blocked by a 2-block high wall or a fence. Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies are 1 block wide and 2 blocks high, the identical size as the gamer,  so they can easily go through doorways. Spiders are 2 blocks wide and 1 block high, so they can smoothly go through various gaps.

Điểm neoFinal thoughts

What do you think about our guide today? Just download this game to experience Mods in Minecraft straight off the bat! Believe in us! Your world will be a lot more dynamic and brilliant with these epic mods. Just access the attached link here:

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