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Mobs in Minecraft 1 – Making the game more lively

Minecraft Guide

Mobs in Minecraft 1 – Making the game more lively

Mobs in Minecraft are in an endless story that makes the game more enjoyable and stunning with more creatures and items from real life.

Mobs in Minecraft

Mobs in Minecraft

If you’ve played Minecraft, you’re probably familiar with mobs in Minecraft offered by creators from all around the worlds. Besides the furniture, weapon, landscape units, animals and monsters also add an essential role in making the game more lively.

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So, while playing the wonder realm of Minecraft, don’t forget to get your world updated with interesting creatures from these modes.

Mobs in Minecraft

Tameable mobs

When some wild animals such as wolves and ocelots are tamed, they will be called tameable mobs. They are also known as pets.

Usually, wolves will not attack you unless you attack them. Instead of killing them, you can tame and keep them as your pets. Wolves will follow you around and fight your enemies as well. The exciting thing here is when the two wolves are at their full health and maturity, they can come together and make puppies.

Like wolves, ocelots can also be tamed. Just give them some raw fishes, they will become your pet cats. Sounds interesting, right? When you have house cats, it’s possible to make the mate and produce kittens to reinforce your army of pets. However, cats don’t fight like wolves. But they can scare creepers away to keep you safe.

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Besides wolves and ocelots, you can also tame rabbits, horses, donkeys, and mules as well. Taming rabbits is as easy as ocelots. But instead of feeding fish, you need carrots. Of course, carrots will make these cute little bunnies follow you around. You can also feed rabbits with dandelions other than just carrots.

Rabbits are not just a hopping pet. They drop items when killed. You might not want to cook your real bunny but in Minecraft, rabbits are an ingredient for some filling dishes in the game.


These people trade and buy your raw materials, give you goods and services. You can meet these guys on your way of exploration.


Golems can be constructed from iron of snow. They are protectors made by villagers around their living space. But snow golems can be made by you. When a snow golem comes to life, it can help you fight your enemies. However, an iron golem is not your friend.

Wrapping up

It is so exciting to play the game with these mobs in Minecraft. With them, you won’t miss the essential joy of this amazing game.

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