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Minecraft 1.9 – The Combat Update

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Minecraft 1.9 – The Combat Update

Minecraft has just updated the latest version 1.9. CLICK to get Minecraft 1.9 – The Combat Update now. Let’s come to experience the biggest changes here!

Minecraft 1.9

Minecraft 1.9

The newest version 1.9 of Minecraft comes with sorts of the most significant shifts to the game compared to the first-released former. In today’s article, you will grab the most crucial changes and extensions. However, a lot of small additions that we will not mention here.

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Stay tuned and explore incredible stuff in Minecraft version 1.9 – The combat update right up next!


Version Minecraft 1.9 enhances the image and sound quality along with loads of useful updates for the game. For example, It gives gamers a series of new battle mechanism, including shields, hammers, using both hands. Version 1.9 also introduces the ability to fly to Minecraft gamers, plus fixing many bugs and adding lots of new items.

Outstanding features updated in Minecraft version 1.9

Use both hands

The Combat Update

The Combat Update


In this version, you can select your main hand depending on your own interest, either the left one or the right one. This perhaps is a piece of good news for left-handed players. You can see the OPTIONS box on the screen, select “Skin Customizations,” and then select the “Main hand”.

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Plus, you can also use your other hand to hold different stuff, called the Offhand.

What’s more, it is available for you to swap hands. You can use the hotkey – F to alter items between your hands.

Combat changes

The biggest change is hand-to-hand fighting with the introduction of Attach Cooldowns and Weapon Speeds.

Moreover, new arrows were integrated in-version, including Tipped arrows with potions helping to hit your target, and a Spectral arrow allowing your target to be outlined with a glowing white line even if in the dark.


Some shifts in Potion contain Brewing potions, adding a new type of potion called Lingering Potions, created by Dragon’s Breath to Splash Potion, and a Luck Potion that improves your opportunity of catching valuable things when fishing.

The end

First, Fighting the Ender Dragon will be changed, including a fully new layout, dragon’s breath addition, and end gateway in Minecraft 1.9.

Another change is End Cities. These new structures keep treasure chests with precious items.

And the final is Shulkers. These new challenging components protect the End Cities and your quest is to defeat them and obtain the win.

Điểm neoFinal Thoughts

If you are a loyal fan of this survival game, don’t miss out on Minecraft 1.9 – The combat update. Just access the attached link to get it right off the bat:

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