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Minecraft 1.7 – What Makes It Change The World?

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Minecraft 1.7 – What Makes It Change The World?

Minecraft 1.7 has been considered as the version that changes the world due to many factors. Read this post to know what are they and how do they impress the players.

Minecraft 1.7

Minecraft 1.7

Minecraft, throughout decades, has become one of the most memorable things with many people. Some of them seem to be very surprised when they know that Minecraft is still updated continuously and building up its player community until now.

In October 2013, Minecraft 1.7.1, also known as the second pre-release for Minecraft 1.7.2 came out. Until 2014, Minecraft 1.7.10 turns out to make Minecraft 1.7 the version that changes the world.

Do you wonder the reason why Minecraft 1.7 is in many people’s favour? Let’s check this post to know more.

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Biomes Changes

Biomes are a very interesting part of Minecraft

Biomes are a very interesting part of Minecraft


Biomes are a very interesting part of Minecraft as the players can enjoy many options where different biomes open up. There are some new biomes, some of them are Savannah, Mesa, and Roofed Forest. Some old biomes are changed (mostly in their colours), as well, including Desert Hills, Forest Hills.

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They mainly took some adjustment in the colours. There are special colours for each particular type of biomes. With certain biomes, we have some rare ‘special’ colour, supposing to make them different from the others.

Other Changes

Besides, there are some other changes that have to be mentioned.

Plants in Minecraft 1.7 are also more diversified. There are various new flowers, with more colours and shapes. We also have new tree types of exploring, such as Acacia in Savannah biome and Dark Oak in Roofed Forest.

Fishes come with three new types and you can use some new enchanted fishing rods to have fun.

What’s more, stained glass is a new building material. It is a great combination between glass and dyes which is used to build a house or turned into panes.

Nether Portals come with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well. They also fix a lot of bugs, especially the one that supports the shadow appearance.

The Bottom Lines

Minecraft 1.7, with many incredible changes, is called ‘the version that changes the world. Now you know how was it changed, and many things interesting. Enjoy Minecraft 1.7 download and see the changes in details here:

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