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How to kill the Enderdragon and win the game

Minecraft Tips

How to kill the Enderdragon and win the game

Let’s read “How to kill the Enderdragon and win the game” to investigate the best way to kill the Enderdragon and win the Minecraft game right now!

kill the Enderdragon

Kill the Enderdragon


As a fan of Minecraft game, we all know that killing the Enderdragon will never be so easy unless we have a clear guide. So, how to kill the Enderdragon and win the game? Let me share with you now.

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How to kill the Enderdragon and win the game

Điểm neoFirst, you need to find a stronghold in an End Portal like the following picture.

Remember to create a rail line or even a route via the Nether in case your house is far from the stronghold. The Nether will connect your base to the stronghold, so you it can help you save time travelling.

Second, activating the End Portal is what you have to do next. Bring 12 eyes of Ender after you find your fortress as well as located your Portal Chamber, then put each of them in each of the End Portal blocks. Now your Portal is already activated!

Third, you have to equip yourself. This is a necessary step, and what you need to equip will include sword, Armour, boots, arrows, food, ladders, blocks, and so on. Try to equip yourself as well as you can so that you can be ready for your fight with the Enderdragon.

Fourth, now you can go to The End and fight! Be careful with the dangers like Endermen and the Dragon. They can attack you in different ways such as fireballs, a cloud of poison or a breath attack.

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If the Dragon attack you, hit its head with your sword and arrow. Don’t spend lots of time attacking it as it is healed as soon as it flies near the End Crystal.

Fifth, what you should do now is destroying the End Crystals. Every End Spike will have an End Crystal on its top. You have to destroy it before you start fighting with the Dragon.

Sixth, it’s time to kill the Dragon. When it is at the center of the arena, use your sword to hit it. Be careful with its head and wings. To be safe, you had better stand behind it. It may fly away, so you need to be patient and keep on going till you can kill it.

Final, there are some more things you need to do after the dragon’s death including collecting its egg, accessing the outer islands, returning home and doing it all again.

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