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How to improve your items with enchantments

Minecraft Tips

How to improve your items with enchantments

Let’s improve your items with enchantments in Minecraft. Click here to learn about How to improve your items with enchantments.

improve your items with enchantments

Improve your items with enchantments


Do you think that your items are quite boring? Do you want to make them more powerful? Let’s improve your items with enchantments in Minecraft. Enchanting is a way to make your items become magical things.

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Which items that are enchantable?

All kind of weapons and tools that could be enchantable. You can enchant all kinds of swords, bows armours, and tools consisting of flint-and-steel, shears, and fishing rods.

How can I enchant items in Minecraft?

You will first to do some such as smelting ore, farming, mining, trading and fighting monsters. By finishing these things, you will get experience points, and use them to enchant items

Not just about the quality, you could also get more about the quantities of enchantments by completing more tasks.

How to get the enchantments that you want?

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When enchanting things, you need to build an enchantment table. Every time you use an enchantment table, there will be three options provided. If you feel that you don’t like these options, you can try to enchant something else or enchant a book (The part below will tell you more).

Let’s get some experience levels

In Minecraft, there would be not only one but many other different ways to gain experience points. With your experience points, you could get your enchanted items.

At first, try to finish all these things to gain your first experience points:  do mining, tading with villagers, farming, and fighting with monsters.

If you have so many items want to be enchanted, you have to complete more complicated mission. The tutorials section will help you for more references.

How about enchanted books?

There is no enchancement make you happy at this time. It’s ok, you can choose to enchant a book instead of. The enchantment could be applied later to an item that used Anvil.

You know what. You can combine enchantments

Remember that when you enchante an item, it couldn’t be enchanted any further using an Enchanting Table.

However, you can choose to make your own enchanted items by combining two different enchanted items. Or you can choose to add a second enchantment by using an Anvil from an enchanted book.

Điểm neoYou could also try to improve your items with enchantments in Minecraft a totally new double-enchanted book by combining two enchanted books together.

Repair your enchanted items

You could repair enchanted items by using your Anvil.

We hope that we could help you to know about how to improve your items with enchantments in the game Minecraft.

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