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How to grow all types of plants in Minecraft

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How to grow all types of plants in Minecraft

Plants are an important resource to survive and level up in Minecraft (except in Creative mode). Let’s find out How to grow all types of plants in Minecraft.

grow all types of plants in Minecraft

Grow all types of plants in Minecraft

In Minecraft, plants provide not only wood which is used to create many basic tools and weapons, but some plants also provide abundant food for you. Learning how to grow all types of plants in Minecraft and even growing your own firewood will allow you to have a constant source of wood and other benefits. Enough materials from crops to be able to build excellent works in Minecraft.

The plants in Minecraft

Woody species: Oak, Birch, Jungle, Spruce, Dark Oak, Acacia.

Food crops: Wheat, melon and pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, beets, cacao beans, Nether Wart.

Conditions to grow plants

Prepare soil

Many plants require suitable soil types to grow. The soil is created by using a hoe to rake the grass above the surface of the soil. Arable land if not used for a long time or stomped on will return to normal soil.


The soil needs to be close to the water in order for the plants to grow better.


Most plants need light to grow. If you plant them outdoors, they will grow in the daytime; If you provide more light, they will also grow at night. Plants won’t grow if you plant them indoors or underground. Therefore, plants need artificial light.

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Bone meal

Applying bone meal helps plants grow faster. However, it is not suitable for Nether Wart. Bone meal is created by putting bones in the manufacturing table.

How to grow all types of plants in Minecraft

How to plant a plant

Step 1: Dig a hole in the ground.

The hole is dug in one square block.

Step 2: Plant a sapling by placing its seed into the hole you have just dug. Except for carrots and potatoes, you can grow it by plugging it into the ground.

Step 3: Apply bone meal to seeds or young plants.

This will make the plant grow extremely fast. If not, don’t worry because the tree will still grow normally.

How to create a crop farm

Planting a plant may have limited benefits, but if you build a plant farm in Minecraft, you will have an abundance of wood! This will make your digital life a lot easier. To make a plant farm, follow the steps below:

  • After digging the first hole, move 4 blocks to the right and dig another hole.

Repeat this until you have a row of 4 holes, with 3 empty blocks around each hole. Be sure to have a similar space between each seed to allow it to grow fully.

  • Plant young seedlings in all holes. You should only use the same sapling for a true plant farm.
  • Harvest your plants, collect new seedlings and continue growing your farm.

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