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How to farm animals in Minecraft

Minecraft Tips

How to farm animals in Minecraft

How to farm animals in Minecraft is a very important skill for players at all modes because animals will help to exist in this game. Let’s explore it!

farm animals in Minecraft

Farm animals in Minecraft


Farm animals in Minecraft are very diverse and can be divided into groups:

● Group of gentle animals: Chicken, Pig, Cow, Rabbit, Salmon, Mushroom, Squid, Tropical fish, Turtle, Villager, Wandering trader, Pufferfish….

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Most of them are found everywhere in the world of Minecraft, when attacked they will not be able to know.

● Group of tamed animals: Donkey, Parrot, Mule, Skeleton horse, Horse, Cat…

● Group of neutral animals: Polar Bear, Dolphin, Trader Llama, Llama, Panda, Wolf, Bee…

They are called neutral animals because normally they act like gentle animals above. But if the player or other animals attack, they will “respond”.

In this group, there are also some animals that will attack themselves if they meet their prey. For example, Wolf will automatically attack Fox, Rabbit or Sheep.

● Group of dangerous animals: Spider, Coral snake…

In this article, we will find out how to farm animals which belong to the group of gentle animals because they are usually food source for players in Survival mode. Some common animals are Chicken, Cow, Sheep, Pig … Most of these animals can breed, so you can farm, raise and harvest products from them.

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What you should prepair


It’s a necessary thing to sustain the life and reproductive activities of animals. You should know the main food for each animal: Cows and sheep eat wheat; Pigs eat carrots, potatoes or beetroot. Chickens and Ducks eat seeds (most easily obtained from wheat or long grass, but they will eat any kind of seed, such as pumpkin or melon seeds).


You will need it to build fences or barns.

What you need to do

Build fences

To gather animals in one place, protect them from predators as well as take care of them, you need build fences for them.

The fence must be at a certain height that the mobs or players can not jump over it (about 1½ blocks high). It is made automatically when you put the wooden slats side by side. Gate is also made similar to the fence and is closed or opened with a right-click. In a different way, you can build the fence higher than the ground. Then, you should make an animal pen that is easy to get into from any direction.

Take care of animals

As noted above, you need to feed the animals the right kind of food. Not only that, when you feed an animal to wheat, a heart will appear on its head and then you just click on an animal of the same species, they will pair and breed for you.

At that time, you just need to collect gifts as well as busier with a larger number of animals than before.

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