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How to build farms in Minecraft

Minecraft Tips

How to build farms in Minecraft

Are you curious about the ways to build a farm in Minecraft with animals? If yes, don’t hesitate to read “How to build farms in Minecraft” right now!

build farms in Minecraft

Build farms in Minecraft

We all realize the importance of farming in Minecraft, but just some of us get a clear understanding about how to build a farm in Minecraft. That’s why I write this short article to share with you some tips for building farms. Let’s investigate it!

The biggest questions we need to answer when starting building a farm are what and when to farm. Actually, you will have to farm wheat, chickens, sheep, cows and pigs, melons and pumpkins, mushrooms, trees and sugar canes. More details of How to build farms in Minecraft are presented as below.

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How to build farms in Minecraft


Wheat is the first thing you should farm. It will help you a lot in making bread as well as feeding cows, chickens, sheep and pigs.

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After creating your own wheat farm, now you can start farming some chickens. You can feed them with the wheat. Try your best to take care of them as their feathers will be used for creating arrows; their meat and eggs are perfect for making food, pie and cake.

Sheep, cows and pigs

Farming such animals is also necessary because they can be used for food, wool and leather. In case you grow too much wheat and are worrying about how to consume it, such animals will help you. Just feed them with your leftover wheat.

Melons and pumpkins

To grow melons and pumpkins, you need to have the seeds first. The dungeon chests are a good place to find some.


This is a kind of hard-to-grow plants which grows slowly. The best way to make your mushrooms turn to huge is using the bone meal fertilizer.


Trees are really significant in Minecraft.If you would love to know the reasons why

Sugar cane

Not only being useful for making cake, sugar cane is also good for making paper.

Điểm neoConclusion

Those are the tips of How to build farms in Minecraft. But there are more waiting for you in the game. Play now and enjoy.

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