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WildStar Addons on CurseForge - The Home for the Best WildStar Addons WildStar is a fantasy/sci-fi MMORPG where players get to venture through a marvelous planet, playing with their friends or creating their own solo adventure. From addons that offer tips and relevant information on the galaxy itself, through general UI overhauls, and all the way to mods that allow players to customize their nameplates or even manage their in-game finances in a better way. All WildStar addons are 100% free, and super easy to discover, install and use. Just look around here in the page, check out the descriptions and photos of the WildStar addons or mods you fancy, and see which ones you’d like to try. Found the ones that you like the best? Great. Just download them and you’re good to go. With CurseForge, installing KSP mods is just as easy as discovering and downloading them - so you’re completely covered. Just try out whichever addons you like and see which ones create the game experience that’s best for you.

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